2018 Ticket Info to be Announced Soon!

2018 PERFORMERS! Join a host of 100+ performers from across the U.S. and Canada as they all descend upon TORONTO from May 24-27 for Fierce! VI!

May 24 Fierce! Kick-off Party and Show on Thursday night at Buddies - details tba

May 25 & 26 Friday & Saturday night showcases at Revival - details tba

May 27 Fierce! Sunday Funday BBQ - details tba

May 27 Fierce! Sinful Sunday Night at Cherry Cola's - details tba

Your FULL Fierce! 2018 cast to be announced soon!

Thursday May 24 Kick-Off Party and Show - show time tba

Individual tickets: tba
Weekend pass: tba

Your host DeAnne Smith from Toronto


Bella Canto from Toronto

Canada's Capital Kings from Ottawa

Cazzwell van Dyke and Dezi Desire from Vancouver

Dottie Champagne from Toronto

Hakan from Pittsburgh, PA

Holly Von Sin from Edmonton

Ivory from Toronto

Kinsey Quake from Cleveland, OH

Kit Katastrophic from Portland, OR

Luscious D from Pittsburgh, PA

Master Cameron Eric Leon from Ottawa

Miss Holly Grail from Cleveland, OH

Queeny Ives from Montreal

Rasta Boi Punany from Philadelphia, PA

Rhett Slutler from Halifax

St. Stella & Spencer Munny from Toronto

Sass La Fraise from Pittsburgh, PA

Friday May 25 Showcase - show time tba

Individual tickets: tba
Weekend pass: tba

Burlypicks "Most Fierce!" Headliner: MAXI MILLIONS from Phoenix, AZ

The "Producer's Choice" Feature JAC PAU from Minneapolis, MN and

Pride Feature KITT KAVANAUGH from Pittsburgh, PA

Your hosts Belle Jumelles & Johnny B. Goode from Toronto

Delhi Marquette from Columbus, OH

Devon Orel from Pittsburgh, PA

Femmi Le Freak from Columbus, OH

Flare from Toronto

Jak Ammer from Ottawa

Karmen Sutra from Seattle

Koston Kreme from Ottawa

Lucky Charming from Boston, MA

Maximum Capacity from Toronto

Miami Minx from Montreal

Noella DeVille from Cleveland, OH

Nyx Nocturne from NY, NY

OD Kimani from Madison, WI

PeepshowTO from Toronto

Penelope Mais Oui from Colorado Springs, CO

Penny Romanoff from Montreal

Randi Rouge from Ottawa

Rocka West from Jersey City, NJ

Sly Feiticeira from Toronto

Tea Just Tea from Bloomington, IN

Uma Gahd from Montreal

Saturday May 26 Showcase - show time tba

Individual tickets: tba
Weekend pass: tba

Honored Legend Headliner: CAMILLE 2000

Headliners: LES FEMMES FATALES from Toronto

Your host Beneatha Mann

Special group opening act by Fierce! Toronto!

Ace Phoenix from Pittsburgh, PA

Al Lykya from Seattle

Alexander Cameron from Cincinnati, OH

Beauregard Deville from Toronto

Bee Appletini from Vancouver

Bianca Boom Boom from Toronto

BonBon Bombay from Toronto

Cherie Nuit from Baltimore, MD

Crocodile Lightning from Chicago, IL

Dolly Berlin from Toronto

Gay Jesus from Gay Heaven

Honey Lustre from Montreal

Jadynn Starr from Gainesville, FL 

Jesse Factor from Iowa City, IA

Loki Smoke from Toronto

Moon from Pittsburgh, PA

Oliver Eszy from Ottawa

Pixie Trix from Toronto

Ruby Slickeur from Yellowknife

Sugar Vixen from Montreal

The Velvet Hearts! from Pittsburgh, PA / Columbus, OH / Cleveland, OH

Sunday May 27 afternoon BBQ - details tba

Individual tickets: tba
Weekend pass: tba

Your host tba

Brixton Banshee & Alex Izzard from Pittsburgh, PA

Divine Chocolate from Toronto

Dottie Dangerfield from Toronto

Eden Ivy from Pittsburgh, PA

Midnight Siren from Pittsburgh, PA

Rosie Bourgeoisie from Montreal


Sunday May 27 evening Show - show time tba

Individual tickets: tba
Weekend pass: tba

Your host, FIERCE! Founder, Viva Valezz! from Pittsburgh, PA

Featuring: BUTTERFLY from Columbus, OH

Al Lykya from Seattle, WA

Black-Eyed Bliss from Traverse City, MI

Crocodile Lightning from Chicago, IL

Cyril Cinder from Toronto

Jac Pau from Minneapolis, MN

Mike Hunt-Black from Toronto

Pearl Necklace from Los Angeles, CA

Pidgeon Von Tramp from Seattle

Scarlett Two-Face from Traverse City, MI

Tristan Ginger from Montreal

Velvet Kensington from Brooklyn, NY

Victoria Vermouth from Ottawa

Our mission statement: Fierce! will honor the history of and diversity within the queer burlesque community -- celebrating a spectrum of age, race, ethnicity, class, body type, access/ability, and gender expressions. Fierce! will provide kinship and celebration for all, and highlight the talents and contributions of queer and allied burlesque communities and performers throughout the world.

Fierce! is the first festival to honor and celebrate the talents and uniqueness of burlesque performers around the globe who identify as queer (and the allies who love them). 
"The biggest naked queer party on the planet!"